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Our most valuable asset is our good name and each of us has a role in nurturing and protecting that name. The way we conduct ourselves exemplifies our ethical standards. For more than 60 years, the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County have worked hard to earn the trust of thousands of children, families, donors, and community leaders. These ethical practices will help insure the trust continues.


The Boys & Girls Club of King County (BGCKC) expects all staff members to conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards of ethics and propriety in any endeavor or activity that could impact or reflect upon the mission, purpose, integrity, reputation, and professional and business relationships of BGCKC.

Recognizing that it is not possible to address all ways in which ethical issues may arise, the following principles are intended as a guide in making sound judgments and decisions on behalf of BGCKC and its mission, not as a comprehensive list of potential concerns.

Pledge of Personal and Professional Conduct

  • Integrity -- I will demonstrate the highest standards of individual conduct, personal accountability, integrity, trustworthiness, fair dealings, considerations of the rights of others, and the highest principles of good business relationships.

  • Excellence -- I will strive to meet the highest standards of performance, quality, service and achievement.

  • Honesty -- I will communicate directly, respectfully, honestly and openly, and avoid misrepresentation.

  • Diversity -- I will support diversity -- promoting a working environment that embraces the similarities and differences all people bring to the organization.

  • Respect -- I will respect and act fairly toward all those with whom I come into contact and refuse to engage in or tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.

  • Responsibility -- I will take responsibility for my actions and decisions and remain a careful steward of the funds and resources entrusted to me.

  • Compliance -- I will comply with BGCKC’s Code of Ethics, Employee Handbook, policies, procedures and all laws and regulations affecting BGCKC.

Professional Practices
While the “Pledge” outlines general principles guiding ethical conduct, the following points illustrate important applications that are relevant to every day work. The points below are not intended to be all-inclusive. Staff are expected to utilize good judgment in maintaining the highest standards of ethics.

I. Conflicts of Interest

  • I will not place my personal interest in conflict with the mission, purpose, vision, or interests of BGCKC, and will avoid any conduct that may impair my judgment with respect to BGCKC.

  • I will not exploit or personally benefit from any donor or funding relationship, volunteer relationship, vendor relationship or organizational committee relationship.

  • I will not use my position with BGCKC to obtain special advantage or gain to myself, any person related to me or any other related party.

  • I will not make any payment or provide anything of value to any public official in exchange for or because of any official act performed or to be performed (that is, provide any bribe or unlawful gratuity to anyone).

  • I will not ask for, accept from or give to any past, current or potential supplier, advisor, vendors, speaker, customer, competitor, or donor any payment, service, gift, or favor other than gifts of a value less than $100 or that amount allowed by law unless explicitly approved by the CEO.

  • I will reveal to the Ethics Officers, described below, any perceived, potential or actual conflicts of interest.

II. Assets, Financial Reporting and Transactions:

  • I will do my part to ensure that BGCKC complies with prescribed accounting policies and procedures at all times.

  • I will do my part to ensure that organizational assets and transactions are handled with the strictest integrity, and that each transaction is executed in accordance with applicable procedures, authorization and documentation.

  • I will not make false or misleading entries in any books, records or reports, invoices, timesheets, expense reports or aid others in doing so.

  • I will not use, directly or indirectly, the organizational name or logo, organizational funds, property, computer connectivity, equipment, assets, copyrighted material or other organizational resources for any unlawful, unethical, or inappropriate purpose.

III. Fundraising:

  • I will be truthful in communicating with others, including donors and other contributors and will seek to provide factually correct, current and accurate information.

  • I will be accurate and truthful in fundraising activities.

  • I will respect the informed choices of our donors by fairly and truthfully reporting our fundraising costs and overhead.

  • I will be clear about how donated resources will be utilized.

  • I will honor our promises by using donated resources in the manner in which they were intended or transparently informing donors of any important alterations in the planned use of the funds.

IV. Professional Conduct

  • I will not exceed my limits of authority.

  • I will treat fellow staff, volunteers, donors, vendors, the public we serve, and other stakeholders with fairness, honesty and respect. This includes refraining from gender, racial or other bias, or sexual or other harassment.

  • I will adhere to all BGCKC policies related to behavior, conduct and contact with the youth served by BGCKC.

  • I will conduct myself in a professional manner at any BGCKC related function in which I might be considered a representative of BGCKC.

  • I will always uphold the law while working at BGCKC. This includes, for example, obeying all state and local laws governing nonprofits. I understand that drug use, fraud, theft, embezzlement, price-fixing, bid-rigging, or any other illicit activities are grounds for immediate termination and possible prosecution by public authorities.

  • I will be alert for and report any conduct described above or any other conduct unbecoming to BGCKC by other staff members.

V.Confidential and Proprietary Information:

  • I will abide by the organization’s Records Retention policy.

  • I will not release business information that has not been made public to private individuals, organizations, or government bodies unless demanded by legal process.

  • I will not use confidential information obtained in the course of my employment or affiliation with BGCKC for the purpose of advancing any private interest or otherwise for personal gain.

  • I will not unlawfully or improperly copy any material that has copyright or trademark protection.

VI.Political Activities:

  • I will not use any organizational financial resources to improperly influence any political figure or candidate.

  • I will not make - or create the appearance of making - any contributions to any candidate for public office or political committee on behalf of BGCKC.

  • I will not use – or create the appearance of using - any organizational financial resources to endorse or oppose a candidate for public office.

  • I will clearly communicate that I am not acting on behalf of the organization, if identified as an official of BGCKC, while engaging in political activities in an individual capacity.

  • I will engage in personal political activities on my own time and at my own expense.

Reporting and Investigation

Conditions of Employment:

  • Upon receipt of the Code of Ethics, each staff member will agree in writing to comply with the Code of Ethics.

  • Compliance with the Code of Ethics is a condition of employment for each employee.

Questions and Reporting:

  • If a staff member knows of a violation of the Code of Ethics, he/she will immediately report it to one of the Ethics Officers, Theresa Szeliga or Brad Thoreson and should not engage in any fact-finding related to the violation.

  • If a staff member is concerned that he/she may not be in compliance with the Code of Ethics, he/she will complete the appropriate Disclosure Statement, and the Ethics Officers will provide a written response.

  • Any supervisor receiving such a report must immediately advise one of the organization’s Ethics Officers.

  • There will be no retaliation or intimidation for reporting of actual or possible violations of the Code of Ethics. Such reporting may be anonymous. If not anonymous, the identity of the reporting staff member will be kept confidential unless it must be revealed in order to fully enforce this Code of Ethics or comply with legal obligations.

  • BGCKC’s Ethics Officers will promptly investigate all alleged Code of Ethics violations in a professional manner, report as necessary on the results of the investigation and will take whatever corrective action is required. Staff members are expected to cooperate in the investigation.

Disciplinary Action for Violations:

Disciplinary action may be taken for the following violations, and may include dismissal, when appropriate.

  • Authorizing or directly participating in actions that violate the Code of Ethics.

  • Concealing a violation of the Code of Ethics.

  • Failing to detect or report a violation of the Code of Ethics, if such failure reflects inadequate supervision or lack of oversight.

  • Refusing to cooperate in the investigation of a violation of the Code of Ethics.

  • Retaliating, directly or indirectly, against an individual for reporting a violation of the Code of Ethics.

  • Other violations of law not outlined in this Code of Ethics but that may impact a staff member’s job performance.


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